Dialogic Reading

I recently learned the term “dialogic reading” which describes a method of storytelling that encourages children to actively engage with books and stories and to think about what they see and hear. In the same week that I heard this technique mentioned at the Canadian Association for Information Science (CAIS) conference I saw an article on this topic in Ottawa Parenting Magazine.

This technique is focused on asking children questions while you read. The technique is quite fluid and allows for lots of individualization based on both the book being shared and the age and interests of the children participating in the story-time session. It is a technique that happens in libraries, daycares, and kindergartens and which is very easy for parents to do at home.

It is a great way to figure out what your child knows and how they are thinking about the world. Rather than simply listening to an adult speak, children are being asked to make predictions about the story, describe what they see on the page, share their vocabulary, and assess what they are witnessing either through text or images.

The article “The importance of dialogic reading with your child” by the Parent Resource Centre is available at http://www.ottawaparentingtimes.ca/10704-2/. It provides a good introduction to the practice and provides a list of the types of questions that parents can use when reading with their children.

There are many resources online for anyone interested in learning more about dialogic reading. YouTube is full of videos demonstrating the technique. I would also recommend the following links:

Featured Image from Blue Mountains Library


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