Community Partnerships and Libraries

A second key leadership topic that was discussed in my PSAC Union Development Program training session earlier this winter was the ability to work with stakeholders and community partners to achieve mutual goals.

The ability to identify and reach out to those with whom we can collaborate is essential for anyone, whether they are working in government, community organizations, non-profits, volunteer groups, or even for-profit organizations.

Collaboration with potential partners is essential in the library world. Connecting with groups in our communities helps us to meet our library’s objectives more efficiently and more effectively. The April issue of Voice: Topics in Canadian Librarianship is an excellent resource for librarians looking for new ways to connect and collaborate as it is dedicated to this topic.

I was particularly struck by the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library’s partnership with Meals on Wheels that is featured on pg. 27 of this issue. Meals on Wheels deploys a network of volunteers to deliver hot meals to homebound members of the community. In this community, these volunteers are now delivering library books along with these meals to a population that is not able to visit the library in person. This was a perfect example of who organizations can work together to deliver more value to the people they serve in their communities.

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